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Aegis with its experience of over 2 decades. is providing Cutting-edge technology in the field of automation and integrated security solutions.

Serving the Communities in the area of Central vacuum solutions, fresh air systems, Agricultural Automation, Industrial security systems, Telecom infra, telecom power solutions , Safety Maintenance, , Renewable energy & storage systems safety maintenance and required system.

We have ventured into new vertical, providing clean environmental solution. Its our turn to ring the bell of green world with plasmic core to make better living planet for generation now and ahead

Solutions and system ranges for micro Communities to smart cities .In one word it makes a cleaner living with the maintenance of solid waste.

Aegis is introducing

one of its kind products in eradicating municipal solid waste to help in providing a clean outdoor environment.



Urbanization and Modernization have brought with them a number of Challenge’s to Our Society and Environment, the effects of which are felt in the form of Climate Change and Medical Spinoffs throughout the World.

Currently, about 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced annually worldwide. The World Bank estimates overall waste generation will increase to 3.40 billion metric tons by the year 2050. The estimated cost on per year waste management is nearly 300 billion dollars in today’s terms.

Aegis Smart Logix has developed Plasmic Core a special purpose machine with new cutting edge technology in collaboration with Technocrats for disposal of solid waste without any Fossil fuel or electricity for waste (decomposition) destruction. The machine generates Magnetic Plasma fields to generate heat and decompose the solid waste.

Plasmic Core is our technological contribution to manage the Menace of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and address the waste management challenges being faced by Governmental, Non-governmental, factories, Ports and also housing communities.


Advantages of PLASMIC CORE

Plasmic core uniqueness

How plasmic core is different form the Present Garbage Disposal


Self Powered, No power Consumption for Garbage Disposal
Processed at Low Temp ( 350C to 450C )
Magnetic Heat Decomposition Method
No Garbage Lifting and Transportation
No Processing and Storage is required
Avoids Land fill
Complete scientific approach of Garbage disposal
Contains No Odour, Flies, Leaching of Contaminants

Present Garbage Disposal

Incineration uses Electricity or Fuel for Garbage Disposal
Processed at Temp above 800C
Incinerator uses Flame Combustion
In MSW management, Lifting & Transfer of Garbage to dump yard is required
Processing of waste is required
Requires Land fill
Not a Scientific method of Garbage disposal
Odour, Leaching of Contaminants cannot be removed

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